I’m back!


It’s been 2 years since I’ve written on here.

In 2016 I got all energized about starting a blog because I love to write. Then this happened: Almost immediately I became acutely aware of just how much writing I actually do on Instagram, and felt a blog was approaching redundant. Maybe the ROI of my time wasn’t worth the hassle.

But. I’m a whole new Ryan!

I hope I am, anyway. At least in part. I still have wonderful hair, but I hope every passing year I grow & learn enough to make the previous Ryan a dude I used to know, not really the dude I am.

In terms of career, I am still on the same journey: I am a freelance, self-employed musician and photographer. I still have the same goal: To wake up every day exploding with enthusiasm for life and the project(s) I am working on.

This is my journey to keep my band STORY OF THE YEAR inspired and alive, and to every day move a little closer to my goal of being a world renowned photographer. I’m dreaming big. Yes. I want to shoot for Nike. I want to shoot for the North Face. For Subaru. For magazines. I want to shoot portraits of Han Solo. I want to photograph athletes on mountain tops in Patagonia. I want it all.

So, I’m trying to do everything better.

This blog is my part of my journey from the minors to the majors. Maybe there are other people on this path that can benefit in some small way knowing that I, too, am right there with them, grinding and hustling for all I’m worth, making do on less than ideal gear, learning as I go, failing 100 times for every victory, chasing dreams.

To lead an unconventional, creative life.

To live passionately.

Let’s do this.





Ryan Phillips is a freelance photographer based out of St Louis, MO, and a founding member of the internationally known rock band Story of the Year. 

You can follow him on Instagram @Ryan_T_Phillips and view his photography portfolio at www.ryantphillips.com

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